October Newsletter 2022

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The month of October saw reaction to a number of the themes highlighted in The Past and The Spurious – The Case of Legitimacy in Historic Cars. It also saw several reviews of the book, as well as the beginning of extracts appearing in motoring publications.

And more than anything, October saw growing sales of the Classic Edition and the beginning of deliveries of the First Edition. Very exciting!

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This collection of components was a lot at the H&H Classics auction in March 2022. The Hagerty Newsletter saw no need to be mealymouthed and began its piece with the words: “A surviving AC Ace 2.6, one of 37 built, in a condition best described as a box of bits, came to market for the first time in 53 years on 16 March – and was hammered away for £202,500 by H&H Classics.”⁠

This exemplifies one of themes of ‘The Past And The Spurious – The Case of Legitimacy in Historic Cars’ and tests which has primacy: the Original Component Principle or the Continuous History Principle.

This purchase provides the opportunity to construct these component parts into a car around a replacement chassis and body panels. That car would have a historical association with the car AC numbered RS5032, which raced competitively in its⁠ youth and can claim a known ownership history and apparently low mileage. ⁠

But would that be sufficient to revive the identity of the original AC⁠ Ace 2.6 or to reclaim the vehicle registration 150 PH?⁠

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Among the positive comments and early reviews, I am very grateful to Scott Barrett and the team @the_automobile_magazine for featuring an extract from my book in the November edition – just published.  And the December edition sees a full review!⁠

⁠To buy my book, simply follow the link – https://www.paulgriffinauthor.co.uk/product/the-past-and-the-spurious/

To mark the launch of The Past And The Spurious – The Case of Legitimacy in Historic Cars the Pall Mall headquarters of @royalautomobileclub kindly hosted an evening under the title of:⁠ ⁠ ‘Handshakes, Snakes and Possibly Fakes: Salutary Tales For Classic Car Owners’⁠

The gathering saw a panel of Gregor Fisken, Michael Squire, Matthew Collings KC, Neil Twyman and Eddie McGuire moderated by Simon Taylor in a discussion of some of the issues raised in the book.⁠

Watch the video below to hear the first reactions.

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