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The month of November saw continuing reviews of The Past and The Spurious – The Case of Legitimacy in Historic Cars. It also saw the beginning of extracts appearing in motoring publications. And there were many motoring events for us, including the RAC’s biblically wet London to Brighton run!

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I’m heartened to see how people are connecting with the themes and ideas in my book. Here is an edited version of one I enjoyed from Sven Kamerar @buchpilot

“The Past and the Spurious by @paulgriffinauthor deals with the temptations and aberrations the multi-million classic car market generates – to copy, fake, manipulate or recreate the fast and the furious which draw hefty prices at auctions and private sales.⁠.. The basic questions apply everywhere, and therefore, his book is highly recommended to anyone with an interest in classic cars or just peculiar court stories from the automobile world.”⁠

Thank you, Sven, for taking the time to comment.⁠



Among the text:⁠  ‘Of course, before the classis car hobby became an industry it was the Wild West, with all sorts of long-lost cars being recreated from scratch and ‘discovered’, identities reassigned, repeated and such… Classics gradually became ‘assets’… while pre-industry shenanigans were hardly a harmless lark, there was now a big financial incentive to wilfully deceive… You’ll definitely come away from it knowing a lot more about the law, finding several rogues rather less lovable and inevitably muttering ‘tip of the iceberg’.⁠

So grateful to James Elliott, Mark Dixon and all @officialoctanemagazine for this generous recognition.⁠

Finally at Brighton! Couldn’t be happier, or more drenched… ⁠Even the camera got wet!  As the Whitewebbs Museum of Transport recorded:⁠

‘Congratulations to our Society member Howard, and his party who successfully braved the awful weather on Sunday to complete the VVC car run in his 1904 Cadillac. It lost high gear a few miles from the finish, which necessitated a bit of a crawl to the end. They’d just about dried out by Tuesday!’⁠

Image – @whitewebbsmuseumoftransport

To mark the launch of The Past And The Spurious – The Case of Legitimacy in Historic Cars the Pall Mall headquarters of @royalautomobileclub kindly hosted an evening under the title of:⁠ ⁠ ‘Handshakes, Snakes and Possibly Fakes: Salutary Tales For Classic Car Owners’⁠

The gathering saw a panel of Gregor Fisken, Michael Squire, Matthew Collings KC, Neil Twyman and Eddie McGuire moderated by Simon Taylor in a discussion of some of the issues raised in the book.⁠

Watch the video below to hear the first reactions.
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